Health Care

These sessions are designed to equip professionals and caregivers with the knowledge to safely support people with disabilities and their health care needs.

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Health and Wellness Webinars

Health Care Tool Kit

This Self-directed Health Care Kit is a practical way to help you and your supports set up and prepare for appointments by gathering the needed information ahead of time. It gives you the necessary tools to be prepared and to receive the quality care you deserve at every medical appointment or hospital visit. We hope this kit is useful to you and becomes a part of your health and wellness routine. This webinar will cover how to use the Self-Directed Health Care Kit. This kit is designed to help individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities (I/DD) advocate for their own health care and support clear communication between the individual and their health care practitioners. Presented by Marcia Stickel, Director, Waisman WIN

This publication was funded by the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities (WI BPDD) using federal funds provided under the P.L. 106-402 through a grant authorized by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities, and the Administration for Children and Families. Additional funding provided by the Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative – Specialized Supportive Services (ADI-SSS) grant authorized by the Administration for Community Living. The information reported herein was compiled pursuant to the State Plan on Developmental Disabilities.

Go With Your Gut

A nurse who works with individuals and their supports in the communities where they live shares practical ideas for good health. She will share information on how eating and drinking well while keeping active can help keep your gastrointestinal tract working well. Presented by Marcia Stickel, Director, Waisman WIN

Is It Pain? What to Do, What to Look For

Many individuals have difficulty in understanding their pain or telling others about it. A person’s life can be greatly improved when pain and the cause of pain is discovered. WIN nurses are experienced in looking for and finding individual’s hidden pain. This class will help raise your awareness of pain possibilities that may negatively affect individuals that you support. Presented by Marcia Stickel, Director, Waisman WIN

Save My Skin

Keeping skin whole and healthy helps a person feel comfortable and prevents infection. When skin problems occur, severe infections can develop which are painful, life-threatening, or lead to amputation. Learn what you can do to prevent individuals you support from having skin problems such as open sores and rashes. Develop your knowledge of what to watch for and what to do when you see a possible problem. Presented by Marcia Stickel, Director, Waisman WIN

Health Highlights For Caregivers of Persons with Prader-Willi Syndrome

Provides simple information about health issues that adults with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) may face in a concise, easy to understand format so caregivers can confidently monitor and advocate for the health concerns of those in their care. Presented by Barb Dorn, RN