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Community Outreach Wisconsin COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 spreads and precautions increase we are working to minimize the impact on individuals we serve/support and on our Waisman Center Community Outreach staff.

Following UW- Madison and Waisman Center recommendations Community Outreach staff have been directed to work remotely and to modify or postpone any non-essential in-person services.

  • Our Olin office will be closed for visitors starting Monday 3/16.
  • Meetings at Olin Ave. will be rescheduled or whenever feasible conducted via conference calls or on-line meeting apps. Olin Ave. staff will reach out to involved parties to provide directions.
  • Non-essential home visits will be postponed and/or whenever feasible substituted with telephone or video calls.
  • Specific directions and options for upcoming TIES clinic appointments will be shared later on this week.
  • In- person trainings are being rescheduled. We are exploring on-line training alternatives.

As many of our community partners we are trying to navigate the extremely difficult challenge of continuously offering our services while safe guarding the health and well- being of individuals we serve and our dedicated staff (In a typical work week Waisman Center Outreach staff combined come in contact with hundreds of individuals, including many individuals with complex health care needs or compromised health).

Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We can be reached at our typical phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

We apologize for the inconvenience, disruption and additional stress this might cause during this difficult time.

Community Outreach Wisconsin (COW) is a group of unique cutting-edge programs within the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the Waisman Center, UW-Madison. These programs work extensively with individuals and community teams supporting persons with developmental disabilities.

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