Fashion Show for All Abilities

The Fashion Show for All Abilities is on indefinite hiatus.

Wisconsin Film School 2010 Documentary on the Fashion Show for All Abilities

Jim Carrier, President

Origins: Chantel’s story

The Fashion Show began in 2007 as a community awareness event: To promote accessibility and respect for all persons, including people with intellectual and physical differences, in a retail set

ting. The scope of this Fashion Show has grown by leaps and bounds since then. With this event, we hope to change attitudes, promote inclusion, and grow self-esteem and confidence in the models themselves. Models in the fashion show come from every walk of life, and models with and without labeled “disabilities” are encouraged to participate.

The idea behind the Fashion Show for All Abilities came from a young woman named Chantel Brown who had wanted to be a model from a young age. Early on, Chantel developed portfolios to showcase her talent and abilities. Several years ago, she suffered an anoxic brain injury.  She now relies on a wheelchair to get around – and she hasn’t let this stop her from pursuing her dream. In 2007, Chantel rallied help from her friends, loved ones, and the Waisman Center to organize the first ever Fashion Show for All Abilities in Madison.


In the past 11 years, 375 men, women, and children of all ages and abilities have been given a chance to experience a taste of Chantel’s dream. These models have worked with over 70 retail outlets, and met with countless salespersons, stylists, photographers, media, volunteers, and other community members. For many models, this event is one of the major highlights of the year.

With an average audience of 500 people each year, the goal of the event is to reach a broad range of people to change attitudes and support inclusion in the community.

Emcees: Jonathan Suttin, Triple M Radio and Rachel Friedman, DCHS

DJ: Lasisi Ibrahim


Paul Mitchell Schools

Anaala Salon and Spa, Atwood
Bonnie Ready

2017 Participating Retailers:

Banana Republic      
W Towne Mall, Madison, WI

Boomerangs Resale Store
1133 N. Sherman Avenue, Madison, WI

Boston Store      
36 West Towne Mall, Madison, WI

Capitol Kids
8 S Carroll St, Madison, WI

Catherines Plus Sizes 
7429 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI

1651 Deming Way Ste. 102, Middleton, WI

141 E Towne Mall, Madison, WI

Eddie Bauer    
66 West Towne Mall, Madison, WI


Farm & Fleet      
600 Hometown Circle, Verona, WI

Gap Kids
56 West Towne Mall, Madison, WI

58 West Towne Mall, Madison, WI

Goodwill Industries      
Locations throughout South Central Wisconsin


LuAnders Boutique    
7432 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI

Marshalls Store
1700 Deming Way Ste 106, Middleton, WI
2117 Zeier Rd, East Towne Plaza, Madison WI

138 E Towne Mall, Madison, WI
1621 Deming Way Ste 106, Middleton, WI

Men’s Wearhouse  
7874 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI
3908 E Washington Ave, Madison WI

Moments to Cherish
303 E Verona Ave, Verona WI

NBZ Apparel

Nedrebo’s Formal Wear    
601 Junction Rd, Madison WI

1823 Parmenter St, Middleton, WI

Old Navy
239 Junction Road, Madison, WI

1650 Deming Way, Middleton, WI

6664 Odana Road, Madison, WI

7401 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI
2201 Zeier Road, Madison, WI
2101 West Broadway, Monona, WI

Simply Savvy   
6333 University Ave., Suite 102, Middleton, WI

St. Vincent dePaul Stores        
1309 Williamson Street, Madison, WI

Suzen Sez 
2421 University Ave, Madison, WI