Crisis Prevention and Person Centered Planning – Direct Care Worker Training

In 2020, the Collaborative Stabilization Coalition (CSC) of Dane County, through funding from the WI Department of Health Services, is offering a FREE training series for direct care workers working with persons with dementia or intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) with focus on crisis prevention and person centered planning for persons with dementia or I/DD.

Intellectual/developmental disability focus topics include:

  1. Trauma’s Influence on the Brain, Body, and Behavior: Promoting Healing & Well-Being
  2. Health Issues Causing Crises? What to Look For, What to Do
  3. Power and Control: Learning to Use It Respectfully
  4. Thoughtful Limits, Client Rights Limitations and Restrictive Measures: What I Need to Know as a Caregiver
  5. Managing Threatening Confrontations
  6. Sensory Regulation and Self-Care

Crisis Prevention and Stabilization in Place Training Series

Wed 16

Power and Control: Learning to Use It Respectfully

December 16 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm