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SDS Resources for People with Disabilities

Background information about self-determination and self-directed supports (SDS)

Here is some basic information about what self-determination means, as well as explaining what your rights and responsibilities are. It also includes some sample handbooks explaining how self-directed supports work in different communities in Wisconsin.

Money matters: Working with a fiscal agent, developing and managing a budget

A “fiscal agent” or a “fiscal intermediary” is someone who can help you manage the money that pays for your supports and services. This person can also help you fill out the payroll and tax forms for your employees and make sure they get paid.

Person-Centered Planning is a way of thinking about people that respects their interests, hopes, dreams, and desires.

It is a process of discussion and self-evaluation in which a person discovers how he or she wants to live, and the person’s friends help explore what needs to be done to reach these goals.

  • Member Centered Planning Guide (Milwaukee County, WI) – This brochure briefly describes how member-centered planning is a part of Family Care and how you can be involved.
  • Self-Determination Series – This Is Your Life! Creating Your Self-Directed Life Plan. One section in a four-part series from University of Illinois-Chicago. Workbook format. This was written specifically for people with mental illness, but anyone can use it.

Staff:  how to recruit, hire, supervise, fire, and train

Sometimes they’re Personal Care Attendants (PCAs). Sometimes they’re Direct Service Professionals (DSPs). Sometimes they’re Providers. No matter what you call them, the staff who you hire can give you the support and assistance you need to lead a fulfilling and self-determined life.

Being an employer

Your employment structure (co-employer, employer of record, fiscal agent & fiscal intermediaries); rights and responsibilities of being an employer; worker’s compensation insurance.

Getting help

Independent advice and support to help you direct your own services.

Managing your health and directing your health care services and supports

SDS, Jobs & careers

A home of your own

  • Movin’ Out, Inc. is a housing organization providing information and assistance, housing counseling, and gap financing for purchase and rehabilitation to Wisconsin households with a member who has a permanent disability.