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Living Our Visions (LOV-Dane)


Living Our Visions, Inc. (LOV-Dane) is a grassroots organization of individuals with disabilities, their families, friends and community members building fulfilling and community-centered lives for all citizens.


LOV-Dane envisions a future in which adults with disabilities live as independently as possible in communities to which they contribute through productive employment, engaged citizenship, and caring, reciprocal relationships.


LOV-Dane grows out of a community-organizing model, which places a high value on nurturing interpersonal relationships for collective action. The talents and energy of our members drive actions and decisions at all levels. Belonging to LOV-Dane is self-identified, you are a member if you think you are.

First steps:

Guiding Principles

Family Governed and Family Led:

  • Mobilize individuals with disabilities, their families and friends to develop projects based on their interests and needs
  • Build capacity even in the face of shrinking resources
  • Generate creative solutions outside of the traditional service system
  • Work with staff as partners

Collective Action and Relationship Focused:

  • Facilitate relationships of caring and mutual support
  • Learn, develop and implement creative solutions together
  • Collectively leverage family and community assets

Cultivators of Individual and Community Gifts:

  • Celebrate the unique gifts of our members
  • Find valued roles for individual and organizational contribution
  • Build reciprocal partnerships with community organizations

LOV-Dane has shared their story internationally. At the Toronto Inclusion Institute, LOV organizers presented to approximately 200 people from across the world. In addition, LOV organizers have presented in Illinois, Alabama, and Australia.

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