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Self-Directed Supports (SDS)

The Self Determination or Self-Directed Supports (SDS) program for adults with developmental disabilities is how Dane County provides services for consumers who have an individual budget and a Support Broker.


Erin Rodell
SDS Coordinator
Dane County Human Services



On May 3, over sixty self-advocates and family members participated in a series of facilitated conversations with John O’Brien and Lynn Breedlove on how to best prepare for services that are managed and coordinated by large, for-profit, insurance companies operating in 3 “zones” across the state. To read a summary of the conversations click on the link below:

Families Preparing for Family Care 2.0

People First

People First is an international advocacy organization. The Dane County chapter was formed in 1994 by individuals with disabilities living in the community. People First of Dane County advocates strongly about providing supports to individuals with disabilities to live in their own community. This means advocating for the closure of Wisconsin's institutions and against support budget reductions. People First of Dane County uses regularly scheduled meetings to bring in guest speakers that will allow them to learn more about the important issues of the day.


Stefanie Primm
(608) 263-5557