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Rhythms Program

The Rhythms Program is a cooperative effort between the Waisman Center and Dane County Human Services to further enhance the lives of individuals who experience complex sensory and movement differences and those who support them.  The program serves a specifically identified group of focus individuals by working directly with them and their teams to gain a deeper understanding of how they experience the world, then to develop the accommodations and supports that allow them to have greater access to their own gifts and talents and to participate more meaningfully in their lives.  The program employs a creative combination of approaches to support the well-being of the individuals and their teams, including regulation (for the body and the mind - through sensory integration, yoga, mindfulness, affirmations, exercise, dance, etc.), augmentative communication supports (high tech-like iPads and low tech visual systems), time designs of days, and focusing on everyone’s strengths and interests.  The Rhythms Program also facilitates a monthly learning group and offers other system wide training on these approaches.

If you have questions, please contact:

Nanette Negri
Community TIES
122 E Olin Ave Suite 100
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 469-6611 | (608) 263-4681 (fax)