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Programs and Projects

Links to programs and projects surrounding SDS in the state of Wisconsin and elsewhere.


IRIS logoIRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) is a Wisconsin program where you self-direct your publicly funded, community-based, long-term care supports and services. IRIS can help you get the life you want with the support you need. In IRIS you use your own natural supports and creativity with your budget to achieve your hopes and dreams. IRIS website or IRIS info from DHS

Family Care in Wisconsin

SDS projects through Pathways

Resources and programs from other states & countries


  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) - Although not currently available in every county in Wisconsin, ADRCs are the first place to go to get accurate, unbiased information on all aspects of life related to aging or living with a disability.
  • Clearinghouse for Community Living Exchange Collaborative - "This site assists states and other entities in building systems that provide services and supports that reflect the needs and preferences of individuals of all ages with disabilities. This site is intended to facilitate sharing information, tools, and practical resources across the many states and local entities that are reexamining and redesigning how they provide supports."