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Links to Additional Information and Resources

Self Determination

Links to Local, other States, and International Self Determination websites:

Dane County Human Services-Adult Community Services

Fiscal Assistance of Dane County - the fiscal intermediary for Dane County, Wisconsin's SDS program

Avenues To Community - Dane County contracted Support Broker Agency

Catholic Charities - Dane County contracted Support Broker Agency

Progressive Community Services - Dane County contracted Support Broker Agency

UCP of Greater Dane County - Dane County contracted Support Broker Agency

Link to IRIS program

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct) is a Wisconsin program where you self-direct your publicly funded, community-based, long-term care supports and services. IRIS can help you get the life you want with the support you need. In IRIS you use your own natural supports and creativity with your budget to achieve your hopes and dreams.

State of Minnesota's Consumer Directed Community Supports Service

United Kingdom's In-Control Program

Links to other Self Determination websites:

Center for Self Determination - national clearinghouse of information regarding Self Determination initiatives

Cash and Counseling - information about a similar self determination demonstration program

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services - a link to their Promising Practices site that outlines other models of self determination being conducted around the United States

Links to sites with information about Micro-enterprise:

Income Links, LLC

Self Advocacy

National Disability Rights Network

Disability.Gov - a link to the federal government's disability-related information and resources

Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities

Positive Behavioral Support

David Pitonyak's imagine site

State of WI Client Rights Office

General Sites for Information on Developmental Disabilities

Center on Human Policy

Institute on Community Integration

Diverse City Press

Family Village

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